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Trusted Local Business - No Call Out Fees - Fixed Price Services - Emergency Response within 1 Hour - 24 Hour Emergency Service - Qualified Engineers - Local Manchester Based Company - Excellent Customer Service - Experts in Drain Unblocking - Reliable and professional Family run Business.

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Home or Business within Greater Manchester? we've got you covered! Our Manchester based teams of drain engineers carry out drain unblocking services and drain repairs that are reasonably priced, reliable, fast and professional. 24 Hours a day 365 days a year. Our drain cleaning service is provided throughout all Greater Manchester.


Low Rates, Fixed Prices, No VAT to Pay

Being an independent company allows us to keep our overhead costs low, giving us the ability to offer the most competitive rates for drain clearance in Manchester. Please reach out to us without hesitation for our unbeatable quote.


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Emergency Drainage Problem? Need urgent assistance with a drainage issue? Contact us at 0161 885 3775 .

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We Unblock Blocked Drains in all Greater Manchester Areas

All of your drainage problems solved.

Are you suffering problems with blocked drains, a blocked pipe, sink, bath or toilet in the Greater Manchester area?

Don't let blocked drains or toilets disrupt your day any longer. Our team of expert drain unblockers can quickly and efficiently solve any drainage issues using top-of-the-line powerful equipment and cutting-edge technology. Say goodbye to the frustration of slow-moving or clogged drains with our reliable drain cleaning services. Trust us to take care of your drainage problems with our professional and speedy solutions.

For all your drain unblocking needs, look no further than Manchester Drains. Our comprehensive services cover everything from clearing blockages, repairing drains, and removing roots to high pressure water jetting and conducting CCTV surveys. We can even handle the dreaded blocked toilet or sink with ease. Trust us to take care of any drainage issue you may be facing, whether it's a simple cleaning or a complete installation. Don't let blocked drains slow you down - call Manchester Drains today!

Our team of experienced drain unblockers understands the importance of assessing each job thoroughly and identifying the root cause of the issue. We take pride in our work and professionalism, always striving to complete the task efficiently while maintaining high standards. Using eco-friendly and bio degradable chemicals, we can tackle blockages caused by fat or grease build up as well as root ingress, ensuring a clean and clear drain for our clients. Contact us today for a no obligation quote on your blocked drains or toilets and let us handle it with minimum fuss.

With the help of our drain unblockers, your blocked drains and toilets will be cleared in no time. Say goodbye to frustration and inconvenience as we restore normality to your plumbing system with our efficient drain cleaning services. Don't let blocked drains disrupt your daily routine any longer - trust in our expert team for quick and effective drain unblocking solutions.


About Manchester Drains.

Based in Manchester & Offering professional drainage services for 15 years.

Manchester Drains has been a reputable family-owned business for 15 years, serving customers in both domestic and commercial sectors in Manchester. Our prices are reasonable and we pride ourselves on offering a prompt, dependable, and competitively priced drainage service across the Greater Manchester region.

By visiting our website, you will see that our family owned business upholds the utmost standards. Our goal is to provide a personalised experience for our clients and we greatly value word of mouth referrals to sustain our company. We aim to deliver a top-notch service and honest guidance from our skilled drainage technicians, leaving you completely satisfied with your dealings with us.

During an emergency situation, our top priority is responding to your call as soon as possible, We aim to be with you within 1 hour. We recognise that a blocked drain or sink can cause immense stress and pose health risks. Rest assured, we are committed to being prompt in our services.

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Our promise to you.

  1. You will be given honest and clear advise.
  2. You will be provided with an explanation of the various viable solutions to address your drain issue.
  3. You will receive our absolute best price.
  4. We will not depart until you are entirely satisfied with the completed work.
  5. We will leave any areas we work in clean and tidy.

What happens when you call us?

We will ask you some questions about your drainage problem to ascertain as much as we what the issue might be. You will then receive a price quote for the job based on what you have told us. We charge a fixed price and there is no call out charge even on bank holidays and weekends.

We will give you an honest time of arrival. We will never tell you a time and arrive hours late, if we say we’ll be there in 45 minutes that’s when we’ll be there. If we think it will be a few hours, that’s what we’ll tell you!

We will also tell you the name of the drainage engineer coming to you, we think it’s important that you are comfortable and know who to expect, and when.

We will stay in contact with you and you should feel completely free to give us a call any time with further questions or any other enquiries. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer satisfaction and we hope that you will find us the best drainage company in Manchester.

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How we clean your drains, and what types of drainage problems can we fix?

Unblocking Drains, Drain Clearance, Manchester.

Manchester Drains specialises in handling both internal and external blocked drains with ease. With 15 years of experience in the trade, our team of skilled drainage engineers and drain unblockers are well-equipped to address a wide range of drainage issues and provide effective drain unblocking solutions for all your drainage needs.

A clogged or blocked drain can wreak havoc on your entire home or business, depending on its location. Our drainage vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, such as high-pressure jetting systems and CCTV drain survey camera to swiftly clear any blockages. With our team of highly skilled engineers, we can effectively unblock almost any drain usually on our first attendance.

Upon arrival, we will assess and pinpoint the location of the blockage in your drainage system. If necessary, we can utilise a CCTV drain survey camera to inspect your drains. However, most domestic blockages can be resolved using our high pressure jetting system. Our priority is to clear the blockage without resorting to excavation. In rare cases where a collapsed drain is the culprit, we have alternative solutions at our disposal. Our top choice is always the 'no dig' method as it allows for quick resolution and lets us move on to our next task promptly!

At our company, we specialise in drain clearing and repairing blockages in both internal and external areas. Our services ensure that you are left with a safe and hygienic environment.

Drain problems more serious than a simple blockage.

When a drainage system is not functioning properly, the most common culprit is a blockage. However, there are other significant reasons that may be overlooked. These include collapsed pipes or extensive damage caused by tree roots.

Severely damaged drains pose a risk not only to safety but also to our well-being and should be fixed promptly to avoid potential water overflow or sewage backup. Fortunately, Manchester Drain's team is available round the clock, every day of the week.

When faced with a drain emergency, reach out to us for a quick response

Call us on Phone: 0161 885 3774 or Mobile: 07486878899.

In cases where we have identified collapsed or decayed pipe sections, excavation may be the most suitable option, and at times, the only one available. This process entails digging up and removing the faulty drain run, which is typically replaced with a new plastic osma drainpipe. Rest assured that when we excavate to fix your drainage issue, we will complete the task promptly, safely, and with utmost care.

In cases where defects are found in a small section, patching can provide a lasting solution. Initially, a CCTV survey is conducted to pinpoint the exact location of the damage within the pipe. Using a fibreglass mat coated in epoxy resin, we wrap it around an inflatable packer and place it at the site of concern. The inflatable packer is then inflated until the resin sets and forms a secure repair.

Our FIXED FEE ensures that you have a clear idea of the cost from the beginning, and there are no additional charges for call outs, even on weekends and bank holidays.

CCTV drain survey. CCTV drain inspections.

Our CCTV Drain Camera Surveys in Manchester (Drain Inspection) enable our engineers to accurately assess the condition of your drains. We also offer a recording and detailed report with comprehensive repair recommendations for our valued customers.

CCTV drain surveys are ideal for providing a complete picture of the condition of the drainage system. Our advanced cameras can locate and identify any drainage faults, leaking pipes or joints, blockages and any other problems that could be costly or troublesome in the future. We can also provide you with a recording of drainage survey for insurance purposes.

After identifying any issues through the survey, we will provide a quote to address them. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and schedule a convenient time for us to conduct the survey.

Call us on Phone: 0161 885 3774 Or Mobile: 07486878899

Drain Excavation.

Manchester Drains specialises in excavating and repairing drainage systems and drainage pipes throughout Greater Manchester.


Drain Excavation is most commonly undertaken for:

  1. Collapsed Drains
  2. Misaligned joints and fracturing
  3. Subsidence or water ingress
  4. Where ‘no dig’ options are ruled out
  5. Installation of new drainage systems

In cases where damaged or deteriorated pipe segments are detected, excavation is often the most effective (and sometimes the only) course of action. This process entails digging and removing the faulty drain section, typically replacing it with a new plastic osma drainpipe. With our team handling the digging to address your drainage issue, you can have full confidence that we will complete the task promptly, securely and with utmost caution.

In cases where defects are found in a limited space, we can conduct patchwork as a long-lasting solution. Initially, we conduct a CCTV survey of the pipe to pinpoint the affected section. Then, an inflatable packer is wrapped with a fibreglass mat coated in epoxy resin and placed over the damaged area. The packer is then inflated until the resin sets.

Call us on Phone: 0161 885 3774 Or Mobile: 07486878899

Unblock Toilets, Manchester.

When faced with a blocked toilet, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. Our team of toilet unblockers are always ready to help in a timely manner. We specialise in clearing toilet blockages, and we also handle insurance work.

A blocked toilet drain is not only unpleasant to look at, but also poses a health hazard. Manchester Drains offers swift and hassle-free solutions to unblock your toilet using specialised tools such as drain rods and high pressure water jetting. Rest assured, we will have your toilet functioning seamlessly and back to its pristine condition in a prompt manner.

The engineers at Manchester Drain are highly trained and have extensive experience in handling various types of toilet drain blockages. They can efficiently clear the obstruction without causing any inconvenience or untidiness, all at an affordable cost.

The blockage may be inside your property or in the outside drains, and we may require access to your sewer access point or manhole. Manchester Drains clean/unblock all types of toilet, sink and bath drains so contact us now to clear your blocked toilet in Manchester or other drainage problems.

Call us on Phone: 0161 885 3774 Or Mobile: 07486878899

Unblock Sinks, Manchester.

Are you experiencing a blocked sink? or slow draining in your sink? Do your dishwasher and washing machine also seem to be struggling with properly draining? It's possible that these appliances share the same pipes, and one may be causing issues for the other. While many turn to store-bought drain cleaners, these products often have a low success rate and are harmful to the environment due their toxic ingredients.

For a comprehensive clearance without using harmful products,

Call us on Phone: 0161 885 3774 Or Mobile: 07486878899

We will efficiently and safely unblock your sink, restoring normal function to your internal drainage system with minimal hassle. Additionally, we offer shower unblocking services in Manchester.

Common questions we get asked about our drainage services.

Q. Are you a franchise drainage company?

A. No. We are a local company based right here in Manchester, our office is in Failsworth, Manchester M40. We are a genuine family business, and have been unblocking drains in Manchester for 15 years.

Q. How quickly can you get here to unblock my drain?

 A. We advertise from a one hour response time and that is what we will always strive to achieve. Sometimes, work load or the Manchester traffic means it might be a bit longer. We will give you an honest and accurate time of arrival. We will never tell you a time and arrive hours late, if we say we’ll be there in 45 minutes that’s when we’ll be there. If we think it will be a few hours, that’s what we’ll tell you!

Q. How long will it take to unblock my drain?

A. This obviously depends upon the type of drain blockage and what solution is required to clear the problem. Most drains can be normally unblocked within one hour. Whatever the situation, we will always advise you of the diagnosis, what needs to be done, and what services and what the cost will be for them services before we begin any work.

Q. How much does it cost to unblock a drain in Manchester? 

A. For Greater Manchester our prices begin at £59.00. We charge a FIXED FEE so you know how much a job will be from the start and there is no call out charge even on bank holidays and weekends.

Q. How much does it cost to unblock a toilet in Manchester?

A. For Greater Manchester our prices begin at £59.00 dependant on the services required to be provided. We charge a FIXED FEE so you know how much a job will be from the start and there is no call out charge even on bank holidays and weekends.

Q. You charge an agreed fixed fee, but what if it takes longer than expected to unblock my drain?

A. The price we agree with you will be the price you pay. Each of our services have set prices it is only complex works that require extensive works where we have to charge a fixed hourly rate but this is rare.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we have full public liability insurance which is available to view on request of a paying customer.

Q. What type of drain repairs do you do?

A. We undertake both domestic and commercial drain clearance.

  1. CCTV drain surveys.
  2. Drain re-lining.
  3. Patch lining.
  4. Drain repairs.
  5. Drain installations.
  6. Drain descaling.
  7. Sump pumps.
  8. Blocked toilets.
  9. Blocked sinks.
  10. Drain excavation & repair
  11. No-dig drain repairs
  12. Drain High Pressure Jetting
  13. Vacuum Tanker Waste removal
  14. Septic Tank Emptying

Q. How do we contact you?

A. Call us on Phone: 0161 885 3774 Or Mobile: 07486878899

  • Unit 3, Reliance Trading Estate, Manchester, UK